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Great quality! Great Writing! And NOT retarded! I mean... even retards would call some of the stuff that ends up on the front page retarded... ALL IN ALL!!! This was very great!

I feel robbed...

First off this is just great. animation and everything. felt very nostalgic. I just feel sad because I thought I was going to see an episode with these kids in it...

love it!

well first thing i can say is that i love the presentation and the message. Me being black as well. the representation of the negative steriotypes of black people were definately on point. I also like the part where the white guy didn't see his black roomate as being black because he didn't "act" black. Since when were we supposed to act the way people want us to act because of our colour?! love the video and the message very much. You ever think about making this a series?

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it's an okay game. I can't get the good ending because when i target the proxy (c'mon i'm sure i'm not the only one who saw M. Night Shamalan's 'Devel'). On top of that, this story line is very, VERY unoriginal...


Great puzzle game with a nice original mechanic. I also like how you put a witty little joke into a game as well very good!

just one second

as of right now my eyes hurt and closed so I'm sorry if you cannot read this. well, first off it was very different and frustrating which i belive is missing in alot of games now. it was very cool how you can run on the walls and sielings and what not. and from what i have expierienced this game is not for those who have avsolutely no depth perception. other than that great game. i would subscribe but this is the wrong website for that... carry on...

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Wow! this was a close battle indeed. But I have to go with scuare

SJD killed suddle... nuff said

John had a pretty wicked flow, but Gasmasq did have the hard hitting punchlines... this is a close one especially how i revolve myself around flow and lyrics... i had to listen to it again. The one I have to go with is Gasmasq

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She's missing a penis... but it's good either way...

Hello, my name is Deltrae. I am a producer from Japan currently living in Muncie, Indiana. I tend to drop an instrumental or a song on this site from here and there for animators or game developers to use. If you have a request, please message.

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